We offer two different models of Utility Trailers   1)  "WHITE series" Lighter Duty Frame & Capacity Utility Trailer

                                                                           2)  "GOLD series"       Heavier Duty Frame & Capacity Utility Trailer                                                                                      

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Features "WHITE series" Tandem Axle:   

Base Price Tandem Axle "WHITE series" Trailer:     "UTILITY" Pricing effective  September 1, 2015 

Base Trailer                           No options      

F6A 61"x 10'   White series          $ 1426.00                       

F6A 61"x 12'    White series          $ 1479.00         

F6A 61"x 14'    White series          $ 1532.00                        

F7A 77"x 14' White series             $ 1592.00           

 F7A 77"x16' White series             $ 1619.00           

 F7A 77"x18' White series             $ 1712.00           

  F8A 83"x14' White series            $ 1640.00                

  F8A 83"x16' White series            $ 1666.00          

  F8A 83"x18' White series            $ 1760.00          


Features "GOLD series" Tandem Axle:

   Base Price "GOLD series" Tandem Axle Trailer:     Painted Wood Floor "UTILITY" Pricing effective  September 1, 2015                        

Base Trailer                        No options      

U6B 61"x10' GOLD series        $  1866.00           

U6B 61"x12' GOLD series        $  1926.00           

U6B 61"x14' GOLD series        $  1972.00           

U6B 61"x16' GOLD series        $  2006.00           

U7B 77"x12' GOLD series        $  1993.00           

U7B 77"x14' GOLD series         $ 2046.00                                 

U7B 77"x16' GOLD series         $ 2073.00           

U7B 77"x18' GOLD series         $ 2146.00           

U7B 77"x20' GOLD series         $ 2233.00

U6XB 61"X10' MAXXD ser    $ 2133.00

U6XB 61"X12' MAXXD ser    $ 2193.00

U6XB 61"X14' MAXXD ser    $ 2226.00

U6XB 61"X16' MAXXD ser    $ 2272.00

U7XB 77"X12' MAXXD ser    $ 2259.00

U7XB 77"X14' MAXXD ser    $ 2313.00

U7XB 77"X16' MAXXD ser    $ 2339.00

U7XB 77"X18' MAXXD ser    $ 2413.00

U7XB 77"X20' MAXXD ser    $ 2499.00

U7XB 77"X22' MAXXD ser    $ 2632.00

U7XB 77"X24' MAXXD ser    $ 2765.00

U8XB 83"X12' MAXXD ser    $ 2299.00

U8XB 83"X14' MAXXD ser    $ 2353.00

U8XB 83"X16' MAXXD ser    $ 2386.00

U8XB 83"X18' MAXXD ser    $ 2459.00

U8XB 83"X20' MAXXD ser    $ 2546.00

U8XB 83"X22' MAXXD ser    $ 2679.00

U8XB 83"X24' MAXXD ser    $ 2812.00


  Option prices for Tandem Axle:  

f.o.b. Fort Worth, Texas


Some of our advertised pricing may reflect items included on a trailer that are actually options.  The base prices shown here are for our basic trailer before any options are added.  Please ad any option to the base price to get total price of trailer.  If you are a Texas resident, a dealer must collect 6.25% vehicle sales tax, a Texas Title fee, Road & Bridge fees and License Tag fees.  This will be added to the selling price of the trailer.  Out of state buyers are responsible for paying the appropriate and necessary sales taxes and fees in accordance with their state requirements.


 Tandem Axle with optional 2" Bulldog style coupler, optional 4' ramps and ramp holders, 3"x2"x3/16" main frame, 2"x2" angle top rail



 77"x 16' Utility with all standard equipment, 3"x2"x2/16" Top rail                           77" x16' with optional Double Broke Fenders, Treated Floor. options Green color


 Tandem Axle 83"x20' Utility show with Options: Pipe top, Treated floor, Double Broke Tread Plate Fenders, spare mount, Spare tire, Tool Box, Jug Holders, Deluxe Lighting, Backup Lights
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